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I-KANDI official, Is NOT on Social Media


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I-KANDI official, Is NOT on Social Media

Social Media, lets face it, it's for kids and Idiots only, and we're interested in neither... 
"Look at me', 'Like me", "My Profile", "friends!"
"Kik Group", "Tweet".. ",  "I'm Following" ,Yawn.   
Honestly, if your in need of some sort of "Social validation'" and affirmation, support, or a form of "approval'" of your very existence, self, and life, from others or you peers, and you happen to be a teenage pre-pubescent boy or girl, perhaps in moderation, Social media may offer something for you. 

However, if you smart, you know, that your most valuable asset, is your information, and simply giving any company, unrestricted access to your entire life.. personal movements, shopping habits, and photo's etc, for FREE, so they can make a massive fortune out of advertising, on the back of stealing your information is well.... plain stupid. 

The funny thing is, in a few years, you will be paying the same said companies, to have your less the pristine and very public, "Virtual Image", cleaned up on-line ! And of course, you will be paying the likes of Facebook and others, handsomely, for this privilege.  

Our Customers, "live life" to the fullest, in the now, as opposed to; pretending they have a life... on social media!  Their "self starters, and free thinkers, comfortable and confident in themselves, and educated ".  Lets face it, anyone that spends that much time up-dating profiles, and following others, "Celeb Worship!" probably isn't " living" at all!! Icons, of who they would like to be, or be seen as, but in reality, are far from it.. in any case. 

They lack the courage, and confidence, to be themselves, and think for themselves, opting instead, to "go with the flow", and have their information and news, censored, selected, and " fed "  to them, by corporations, along with slick advertising. In other words, they are simply;  "Sheep"!                   

But it's a great marketing tool, right? 
Not exactly.. It's hyped far too much by vested interests. Besides, you end up spending  your entire day receiving and reviewing useless information, and getting nowhere. S.M campaigns are not validated independently either, so your taking their word, that you got so many impressions / hits etc.  Social Media, is that high maintenance attractive girl friend, you've been dating for ages.. But, you've never actually got into her nickers, and probably never will...!  

If you want to contact us,  it's  SIMPLE!!  and DIRECT.

a/ Send us an e-mail;  admin@i-kandi.ie

b/ TEXT or CALL us!!  on 086 339 6630.  Ya don't have to tell the whole world..
    just us!

No;-  'Profile', or  Facebook;-  "Join OR log In  to connect with...",  bullshit required either!!   

    ".... would like to access your contacts, 
     and read your e-mails"

Our customers, are the enlightened, the understated, the quietly confident, their labels worn on the inside only... 

They are certainly not in need of any form of affirmation from others, and therefore highly un-likely to be present on any;  "Social Media, gold fish bowl, APP".

Their happy not to conform, not belong, or be lead along, blindly by;  
"the flock"...... Bhaaaa 

Frankly my dear....
We don't give a shit.

I-KANDI,  we're just too kool, for social media.. 

So if you see something posted that "looks like" US! on FB or TW or any other, it's NOT US - OK! Just some idiot with too much time on their hands, and far too little going on in there real lives!   Yes you get the odd dope that "claims" to have visited us, but for actual regulars (members)  at I-KANDI, it's a case of; 
"The first rule of Fight Club is..."       

I-kandi "we only do " REAL WORLD !!! ".   but  never;  " virtual rubbish "    

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name on 28 May 2017 15:23
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Jamie Kidd on 31 May 2017 09:59
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top asignment service review on 02 June 2017 19:08
I kandi official is not on social media with this i-kandi site,the interested its for kids and idiots only if you nee in some sort. Thanks for giving us about the affirmation validation teenage publication something for you.
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