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[Carte Blanche] Night Club @ I-Kandi
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Membership / Apply / Join, "on the door"

Membership / Apply / Join, "on the door".
                      Club  [  carte blanch  ] 
    carte blanche
               kɑːt ˈblɑːnʃ/noun
  1. 1."complete freedom to act as one wishes.."
                       Exclusive Members Only, Night Club & Lounge
                                 there's simply NOTHING like it,  anywhere. 

Admission is NOT guaranteed!!! Capacity & R.O.A.R etc. Joining fee supplement 
(20 euro) applies, on top of Adm. This join method is recommended for; M/F Couples & Ladies, only. This join method, is NOT recommended for Single Males. Expect additional security measures on admission too, including; a full body Search, and Photo. You may be asked to remove some clothing & items too! You need to bring Photo I.D, for registration / security, (Passport, or Drivers License).  

Have a look at the "Whats On" page, ( home page, / left tool bar /  Whats On? ).
Preferred- Text us in advance.
Once you have decided on a date that you want to visit! We would appreciate if you could please TEXT US in advance; [ Int Direct ]  T- 00353 (0) 86 339 6630  your; Name/s,  Age/s,   Sex M/F etc,   Date of your Party, If your a member of any Site. 
Example - "Bob & Mary Murphy, 30 & 32, M & F, Sat 20th, fab. 
We'll  then arrange to meet you early at the club, before we open, by appointment. IMPORTANT: You will need to bring Photo I.D for each person joining!
On arrival we will process your membership / registration if possible, ( Photographs and I.D,  R.O.A.R etc ). We'll then give you a private guided tour of the Club, fully explain how everything works, and what generally happens during the night etc. We'll cover the basic rules concerning H/S (very few) and expected behavior etc. You'll have an opportunity also to ask us any questions you might have as well. We then finish with a drink at our bar, so as others then start to arrive, your sitting their comfortably and confident, with a drink, knowing how everything works, leaving you with nothing to do, only enjoy the totally awesome night ahead! We're doing this, 7 years  years.... trust us, it works!! 

Cold Call / Just Turn up 
Sure, we understand, things happen!! Stress Not!! However, work with us here please!! You arrive, expecting to just...  "walk in" unannounced to a very exclusive Adult Party... Humm.. Well don't expect a "Speedy Entry" in any case!!! Understand, we may be quite busy inside. We don't have tons of staff, so you might be waiting to even get a reply from the door bell!!! IF - you do! Expect to be asked for photo I.D, If you do not have a suitable form of I.D, you will not be admitted in any case. Expect at least a 10 minuet wait at the door while we attempt to verify / process you! Expect to pay in the region of; [ Euro 60-70 ] Admission, M/F Couple OR Single. Once inside, Expect (each person) to get a full body "Pat Down" / Body Search of your self, and any personal property you bring in, bags, overcoats, even your fag box!, recorded on CCTV too!. Expect, to be relieved of all unnecessary personal property, including mobile phones, all bags, and coats etc. Such Items will be put into storage for you at you own risk. We will certainly do out utmost to ensure that your made feel welcome, and afford you our time should you have any questions. But, please understand, if you arrive late, and we're busy on the night, we may not have the time we would like, to spend individually with you, explaining stuff, you ideally should know in advance. Also, its more difficult to enter and adjust to a social group that has been formed and functioning of several hours already!!, That said, if your are an experienced "Socialite" and accustomed to the scene abroad, you should be fine 'dha'ling..         

Do make contact with us BY TEXT as early as you can T- 00353 (0) 86 339 6630, the later you leave it, (closer to opening time) the less likely you are to get through / get a reply / response from us. Obviously, we do our best, it's in our interest to do so! but, we do not have a "call center" / "help line" either!!!! You can ring us anytime, but to book a place at a party, you must always send us a text, (see above) even if you spoke to us earlier on the phone. Don't ring us from a "private number" ya won't get an answer in any case.                    

" I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.

"In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life "

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John foley on 28 February 2017 08:18
Looking to join up for Friday night how do I go about it can I pay at the door
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Maciej Kowalkowski on 11 June 2017 18:08
Hi we are rally good persons looking for great party ... We are on hollyday and we come from Poland very hendsom nice and iteligent ... so my details Daniel Jachimczyk and Maciej Kowalkowski Im 29 years old he is 22 .
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