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[Carte Blanche] Night Club @ I-Kandi
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                     Club  [  carte blanch  ] 
    carte blanche
               kɑːt ˈblɑːnʃ/noun
  1. 1."complete freedom to act as one wishes.."

            Exclusive Members Only, Night Club & Lounge
                                 there's simply NOTHING like it,  in Ireland... 

The truth is  O'Neill...  Your being lied too,
 Your living in a dream world...
That bog standard boring, Irish Ale House Club ya go to; 
Totally Sucks...

Carte Blanche the Night Club at I-kandi, Ireland's only Adult Night Club                     
                                "REAL WORLD" IS- [carte blanch]

Future Shock  Clubbing
The wildest Night Spot, in the entire country...

Guaranteed Admission, once your approved. Swift priority V.I.P admission on arrival. You pay NO Joining Fee, (Women & M/F Couples).  Ideal for visiting International Guests, Tourists and Holiday makers seeking pre-approved admission. Recommended "Application Process", for single men. Expect: admission security measures (see below).

Admission is NOT guaranteed!!! Capacity & R.O.A.R etc. Joining fee supplement 
(20 euro) applies, on top of Adm. Join method recommended for; M/F Couples & Ladies, only. This join method, is NOT recommended for Single Males. Expect additional security measures on admission, including;- a mandatory full body search, personal property search, and photo. Note: You may be asked to remove clothing & leave behind personal items for admission. (Please bring as little as possible) You need to bring Photo I.D, for registration / security, (Passport, or Drivers License).  

" Its about going forward, to where; ''CLUB', really means just that, your part of something special.. In, can't be simply bought.. "  

" Lemme tell ya somethin' If U didn't come 2 party, Don't bother knockin' on my door
I got a lion in my pocket, And baby he's ready 2 roar Yeah, everybody's got a bomb,
We could all die any day But before I'll let that happen, I'll dance my life away "

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John & Linda on 28 October 2016 15:23
My husband and I are looking to become members with your club . We have been to these kind of clubs in amesterdam 😊. We are planing to go to I kandi on Saturday the 19th of November . Can u tell me what's on that night please ?
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Admin on 28 October 2016 18:40
Hi John / Linda, basically, there something on EVERY SATURDAY, guaranteed. Saturday is ALWAYS GOOD! admittely, the Christmas Programme, is not up on the What's on page, yet. I'll try get this done in the next day or two, so DO check it then!

ray on 29 October 2016 23:12
Hi, I'm a single male and would like to become a member of I-Kandi, can you please help me
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Admin on 31 October 2016 23:40
The Gods help those that help themselves....The Gods suggest reading the God Damme W E B S I T E!!!

Admin on 24 November 2016 01:06
It's really pointless, ringing up and asking.. " Can you give me information about joining " etc. You'll simply be advised to read the website! Everything you need to know about how to go about joining, and all other related issues - IS HERE - On the website!! Basically we don't join people who have not bothered to actually read the website fully, The function of the website, is to inform about the Club, in a standard, uniform, and structured way. You simply won't understand / get it, over the phone! It's a simple case of; RTFM, first, then by all means, if your still confused, ring.

Admin on 25 November 2016 23:48
How much does it cost for a single gent to join?
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Admin on 25 November 2016 23:49
We don't quote prices to "Tyre Kickers", and there are far too many, it's "Ireland" after all! If you’re interested, submit a valid application, period. Then, and only then, will we engage with you! Otherwise, you'll have to make do with the information here on the website. The only advise we can give is; - submit exactly what's asked for, if an application comes in "incomplete" it's not responded to in any case. In general, we're back to all valid applications within 24 hours on average by text. Lots of things are weighted into consideration, price wise. Example, what do you bring to the table, looks, personality, appearance wise? Do you come recommended by other members? Are you well connected in social circles etc? Even how you come across on the phone! And other secret stuff we look out for! We want people that will, in turn, recommend us to other good looking, movers, shakers, and kinksters! If you’re likely to make our existing members smile, that’s a good start. Most private Clubs operate this way, but they simply won't admit to having a policy in any case, we're just honest!

Admin on 26 November 2016 01:04
Apologies for our obvious "curtness" above, but please understand, the amount of time-waster calls we get is quite frankly, frightening! So it's just an attempt to eliminate "B/S" and "Voodoo" on our part. If you and genuine, you have our full attention, rest assured!
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Dave on 07 December 2016 15:17
Dave Email d???????@hotmail.com Phone 0876?????? Address 1 155 R???? ?????? Address 2 ?????????? City Dublin4 County Dublin Comments Hi. I live in Dublin, but think I'd like to join up with you. I've been to The ????? a couple of times, but it was always very disappointing. Can I come along to i-Kandy and pay at the door, and then join that night if/when (:) I like the place? Thanks. Dave.
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Admin on 07 December 2016 15:24
Hi Dave, admission does not work that way, I'm afraid. In short, you need to submit a photo of yourself, first, and also send in the application form. Then, -IF- we like you!!!, and think you'll fit in, we get back to you, usually within two days by text.

Dave on 07 December 2016 20:30
Ahh, I did wonder about that:) I'll apply so. Thanks.
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Admin on 07 December 2016 21:14
Applying is not difficult, Photo & App Form - Job Done. But lots "talk the talk" and about 1% "walk the walk" !!! #Ireland Blarney!!

Admin on 07 December 2016 21:26
If you don't have the "Confidence" to do the photo, it's not going to work our for you! Your either, basically: comfortable and confident with yourself, and don't give a sh@@! -OR- your not.

Admin on 27 February 2017 01:29
READ "I-KANDI" is NOT a "Beauty Contest". AGAIN - "I-KANDI" is NOT a "Beauty Contest"!!!!! The Joining Photo is about; A/ SECURITY & B/ CONFIDENCE:- A/ No journalist is going to do the photo required to join our Club, for fear they will get a taste of their own medicine!! B/ If your not "Confident" in your own skin, (this is essential for a Club like ours), your NOT going to do that photo either, are you? NOW - THE SCIENCE BIT: EVERYBODY wants security today, with the advent of "Social Media" but, NOBODY, except a tiny minority are willing to actually co-operate, so we can ensure it at our parties, (Application Photo). NOW with respect to: "Confidence", ya either, Have It... OR ya don't. If ya do, the photo is no "big deal" is it? Shit.. ya even sunbathe nude on holidays FFS! If your NOT "confident or comfortable" in your own skin, I-Kandi can not help you with that, and so I-KANDI is definitely not for you to be honest. The "Irish Solution" (far too much drink to compensate), doesn't work either...trust us, you'll end up making a total fool of yourself.

Martin on 10 December 2016 00:10
I would like to join the swingers club
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Mia on 30 March 2017 16:43
What makes "Carte Blanche" Night Club different from others?
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Admin on 30 March 2017 16:48
loading humor.. please wait... Simply put; " Carte blanche " @ I-KANDI does for your Night Life... what 'LIDL; did for your weekly shopping..! Go in... Get exactly what your looking for with relative ease... And get the f*** out..! (pardon our French!) with ruthless efficiency.. Zero time-wasting too! Uber Genius, Guntar !!! " We just added a sprinkle of Class to the magic recipe... 'Dharling' !! " Still with us? Great! You see, the Vanilla Night Club industry imploded, with the advent of Social Media, in particular, Casual Dating Apps. Lazy Vanilla Clubs continued to peddle the same out-dated "Shite Dance / Pints Formats" to a whole new order of more discerning, non conformers, that were simply bored to death of it.. and no longer had inclination, to waste there precious time "playing the game", especially when they certainly had no need to in any case.... Why Shop? When you can hop...!! 10 years on, a new order.. Now there's an APP for everything... apparently.... The situation is worse then ever today.. NO-ONE; IS - actually themselves on Social Media or Casual dating, true? An endless amount of time is wasted daily, preparing and up-dating a myriad of, "look at me!" profiles, status and Icons of a person they would "like" to be seen as, or perhaps like to be... but.. in reality, are actually far from in any case. So many apps.. we're simply "APP, Fatigued!" [Carte blanche] @ I-KANDI simply cuts through the B.S of S.M !!! You meet REAL people, just like YOU! at a REAL venue, NO; "web, time-wasters". We decide who is worth meeting, by "cherry picking" the cream for you! so to speak. The Interesting, Quirky, Sexy and Exciting... Like-minded people, all converged in ONE CLUB. We think it's uber! Not surprisingly, your not likely to find our people on the usual S/M Junk sites. They have simply moved on.... to Today's "actual reality...." @ I-KANDI

michael noonan on 23 April 2017 14:27
hi looking to become a member , is it just a entry fee off 22 euro
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Admin on 03 May 2017 20:49
Hi Michael,all the information is on the website. All you have to do is simply READ, it's in simple plain English. If ya don't understand, it's probably not for you!

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