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[Carte Blanche] Night Club @ I-Kandi
Frequently Asked Questions
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T & C & Good Advice EDITING UPDATING !!!

Terms & Conditions 

10 Day - Cooling off period | 10 day - money back guarantee!
A ( 10 Day ), cooling off period is applied to all new memberships applications 
accepted. The "date of purchase" IS day #1. The "cooling off period" does not
apply to products purchased through our on-line shop. 
FULL - 10 Day - Money Back - Guarantee
"If within the first 10 days, including date of purchase, you are not entirely delighted with your membership purchase, simply notify us in writing, via the  "Contact Us" form, and we will refund the transaction, in full, no questions asked."
AFTER -10 FULL days, (including date of purchase) - the transaction shall be deemed processed, and no refund, or part there of, will be offered or returned. 

Unsuccessful applications policy 
If on application, we decide to reject your membership for whatever reason, we will simply inform you by text. We reserve the right to refuse admission and membership, without reason. By signing up, (contact form), you are accepting this, and all other conditions herein as binding. Our Club and membership may not be suitable for everyone, please understand this, and sometimes we're just not in a position to take certain category's of membership for operational reasons, example; too many of a particular age / gender already, it's noting personal!

Cancellation of your membership - After Acceptance         
We reserve the right to cancel you membership, without notice, and in-full, if any other member/s  lodge/s a valid complaint against you. Be Warned! -  We DON'T DO second chances, and we DON'T do refunds here either. If you are a NEW MEMBER expect to be watched very closely for your first few parties. It's SIMPLE -  don't push, or pressure people.. NO means NO!!! Don't act, or behave "Creepy", you'll be shown the door... Treat others with the utmost of respect - and you'll be fine.        

Corporate responsibility, and age policy.
It's our POLICY to age verify, meet, interview, photograph, in person, ALL members who apply, and / or pay, to become  members of our Club. We DO NOT -allow members, we have NOT formally met, verified, photographed, in advance - attend our  parties. We also informally assess the maturity, experience, and mental / emotional balance and well being of all prospective customers, through informal dialog. We're certainly no Psychotherapists!, and don't claim to be! but, we've enough experience to know when its not right for someone, and this is often the case.    

Right of admission reserved. Everyone is traceable – for security:- You may have noticed that we ask for some of your personal detail on booking at i-kandi, The reason for this, is to ensure the protection, comfort, and safety, of all our clients (especially women) at our parties. In short, everyone is identifiable to US ONLY, on booking / joining for safety and security reasons.

About your Data / Privacy etc:-   
We only store very basic personal data. Rest assured, your personal details will always remain totally confidential. The obvious  main reason for retaining some of your data, is of course, to confirm your identity, on admission to I-KANDI, Or, to contact you, should you – opt in – to such contact,  (Text Notification Service) Or, to verify you – In the event of you – making contact – with us. 

We DO – NOT store your information, on-line. 
We will NEVER give out, or sell, ANY of your information to anyone else. We will ONLY use the information your provide to VERIFY – YOU – (data protection) when / if you contact us. We will NEVER store your, payment card, or financial details. We will never, store your information on websites / social media etc. If you wish to go by an “Alias” inside, that’s ok with us too, just say so, however most always, people simply go by their first name, in the Club, for social purposes, were all adults, and among comrades, it’s 2016 !

How we do business – with you – and why. 
Anything with regard to a BOOKING made or a pending booking, or indeed to make a booking. Simply -  TEXT US on: 086 339 6630 
Why TEXT ? We want to ensure you receive the very best customer service from us, when you send us a text, their is a “written record” of your query AND our response on BOTH SIDES, and this enables us to deal with your booking promptly in the order it was received. It eliminates “time wasters”, “mystery callers”, and “crossed wires” & miss-understandings etc   Anything else – General Information etc. Simply ring us (same number) OR contact us through the www.i-kandi website. Our FREE – FORUM pages Present and answer, the most common questions people have about the Club and are a good source of information too.  NOTE – You may be asked for some of the information you have provided earlier, for data protection reasons, (to verify – it’s actually YOU calling) about your booking etc.

Event Confidentially & Security:- 
Please DO NOT talk on-line about people you have met at our Club. This will result in an INSTANT BAN.           

Acceptance of our terms - on payment:- By payment, and or, attendance, YOU are hereby accepting / agreement of, ALL “Conditions and policies of Membership HEREIN as binding. ALL Party Bookings, and Membership are; non –refundable once paid for. 

No cancellations on bookings once paid. However, we may at our sole discretion, offer to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability. Also, IF you have paid and, ON ADMISSION –  WE DEEM YOU “UNSUITABLE” for whatever reason on the night. YOU WILL BE REFUNDED – [By Original Means Of Payment] Credit Card etc, on receipt of payment evidence only – RECEIPTS Etc, R.O.A.R. Understand, our Club is NOT for everyone, some people are just “not suitable” for our Club, please understand this. A summery only, of the main  points shall be outlined HERE, (for brevity and clarity.) 
However – the information presented here should not be considered the definitive guide / list of rules, regulations and policy’s. (Main Points Only) Other policies - are available, on request in writing only. For the comfort and safety of all, the Club will adopt other rules and policies as required from time to time. And inform you of same as and when required.

If you think it’s just a “Bog Standard Piss Up” – WRONG - THINK  AGAIN.. Please drink responsibly, it’s a long night! Because It’s  >“IRELAND”<  [If you are coming for DRINK ALONE – STAY AT HOME!!.]  Our club I-KANDI is NOT A - Drink  Centered  Evening,  O.K!  NEVER -  drink and drive!  People have a few drinks, over the space of several hours, and enjoy getting to know others, and flirting with them. And there’s sex of course!!! , and lots of it !! But we’ll talk about that later…. !! 

If you are obviously drunk in our opinion on arrival:- 

You WILL NOT be admitted.
You WILL NOT be refunded
You WILL NOT be treated as a “Special Case” 
It  WILL NOT be “all right in a while”, either.

Were not “Anti Drink” by any means!, We serve the very best of it, at very reasonable prices, in our licensed Wine Bar @ I-KANDI, just don’t over do it.. O.K!  Have a great night, @ I-KANDI and drink sensibly that’s all. besides, if you are drunk, you will most certainly find, nobody, wants to have anything to do with you!   
NOTE – Just because you have booked and paid, this does NOT – GUARANTEE YOU ADMISSION, and the right to go bananas. To drunk, to loud, too aggressive, untidy, unwashed! wrong clothes, cameras, concealment of a phone / device, AND YOUR OUT, or worst still, NOT EVEN INSIDE THE DOOR. (ZERO 2nd CHANCES)            

If you are the kind that NEEDS a few drinks, “for the courage” our club is DEFINITELY – NO PLACE FOR YOU!   This is NOT  the  usual Hotel, “Meet & Greet” you may have attended already, so again  R.T.F.M  thanks! 
Before you arrive:-
In order to ensure the CHECK IN PROCESS is as fast and efficient as possible, we ask;  ALL CLIENTS ATTENDING wear and bring, the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. 

Items - Not Allowed - Past Reception
NO- Overcoats, NO- Excess Clothes of any kind, NO- Mobile Phones / Cameras / Devices, NO- Big Bags. NO-Baggy OR Sports Clothes Etc. 
Limited controlled storage for such items will be available on site, BUT we ask that, if at all possible – DON’T bring any of the above in! Otherwise you will be relieved of if on check in, and this MAY DELAY your admission.  You ARE - NOT ALLOWED to bring in alcohol for consumption at i-kandi. WE HAVE A FULLY LICENSED WINE BAR at I-KANDI. We serve top quality drinks, at very affordable prices, by regular Club Standards. Example - A bottle of quality Champagne at our Club is only 45 euros!, quality wine by the glass from 3.90 euro!    
Club Staff – TWO types:-
Opp Staff – 
“Clearly Identifiable” – and will be dressed in BLACK. A Staff member will be available at every floor level. Please follow ANY instruction they may give you! 
Secret Agents! – 
These are some of our “regular customers” who will “blend in” – with the crowd, you WONT KNOW who they are!!! BUT they will be watching too! & will report proactively, any issues / concerns directly back to opps staff as required. Think..“Semi Clad Air Marshals!!”                

Check In Requirements I-KANDI

The last "4 - Didgits" of YOUR PHONE NUMBER only. 
YOUR FIRST NAME/S, -  Generally, we will only require your first names. 
You will be asked for PHOTO I.D too, Please bring some. 

NOTE: GENTS =  If you are paying ON THE DOOR you  MUST ALSO HAVE / BRING – PHOTO I.D passport –or- drivers licence for VERIFICATION / INSPECTION – If you don’t have PHOTO I.D – YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED!!!!

(I.D is NOT required if  you are a previous customer / member.     

THEN – present your RIGHT – WRIST at the WINDOW for I.D Bracelet 

If you DO NOT have the required CORRECT booking information to hand on admission, you will be asked to LEAVE, and wait outside the venue, until such time as all others have been processed / admitted first. This is in order to prevent un-necessary delays – to others on arrival! We will then do our utmost for you, once any queue is gone. 

No – Overcrowding – On Entry  
IMPORTANT !!! ONLY – 4 PEOPLE are permitted, inside the entrance lobby at any one time.  Please WAIT OUTSIDE, if the entrance lobby is; FULL / IN USE, until such time as space in the lobby becomes vacant, it’s a glass door so you will be able to easily see, if this is the case.     

IMPORTANT - Couples MUST - PRESENT TOGETHER for ADMISSION, No Exceptions!  Anybody booked with us as a couple, and presenting as (single males) on admission,  may not be admitted!!

NOTE – If there is a change in you booking circumstances, example (couple to a single male), the onus is on YOU to declare this to us in advance, (3 Days minimum) If so, we may  be  able  to up-date your booking, thus ensuring trouble free access for you. 

DON’T expect us to be able to do this on the night, WE CANT (we have to balance M+F Numbers in advance). You risk being treated as a “Cancellation”  


Once  Inside the door,  I-Kandi
You will be welcomed by GROUND FLOOR STAFF, Our “storage system” will then be explained to you, along with some other basics, (where things are, BAR, SAUNA, MEMBER AREAS) etc. 

Our “FIRST FLOOR STAFF will then greet you, at our wine Bar, and explain how the Club works. Again – The main features / areas of the first floor will be pointed out to you along with the emergency escape routes. Now, all that’s left to do is kick back and enjoy yourselves!! 


How your personal property / belongings are managed.
In short – ONCE INSIDE  you can forget about your ticket number! You will be issued a NEW number, once inside, this works the same as a HOTEL – ROOM NUMBER!

Don’t worry, you wont have trouble remembering YOUR NUMBER! We though of that too!   

You MUST – GIVE / SHOW the number issued to you, in order to retrieve your box. 

You also “SHOW” your number / I.D, to charge a drink to your TAB! 

You CANNOT retrieve, someone else’s box.

AGAIN – PLEASE – DO NOT – BRING IN – “THE CROWN JEWELS” or “FAMILY SILVER!!“  Bring and wear the absolute minimum please, you’ll just spend you time taking it off, or worse still.. looking for it in the dark! 


Once your BOX is handed in THAT’S IT – you WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR BOX again UNTIL YOU LEAVE, (Except for toiletries, & underwear etc.)  
Please do not come to reception, constantly asking to check your phone, put the f***ing thing away for a few hours and enjoy yourself! I-kandi is a NO PHONE - ZONE!!  Phones ruin our atmosphere!! we hate them!!!                  

What am I allowed wear, etc 
Look - Basically –  we HATE rules of any kind too. If we ask you to remove something, there is a logical security reason for it, that’s all.
Basically – Wear AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE !!!! inside at i-kandi 
( Tight clothes are best – Nothing under them, YOUR security!!)  
The building will be warm, so no worries !! 

Gents –  Suggest  - Jeans/ Pants and Tee/ Shirt ONLY. 

Ladies – FASHION TIP !!! LESS is the NEW MORE!!!  We don’t give the ladies a “hard time”  here! So WHATEVER YOU ARE MOST COMFORTABLE IN is FINE.
Skimpy Lingerie, Rubber, Corset, Latex, A String!, Combo of ANY, towel etc.         
Ladies – again the major concern is NO BAGS OF ANY KIND – OR PHONES.    

You may bring your own toiletries, if you wish, HOWEVER they should be placed SEPARATELY in a small CLEAR bag and placed on top of you BOX when handing in your stuff to reception. You will then be able to access them, separately, for use in the shower / changing area ONLY.

Note – WE PROVIDE – all the basics – Condoms, Lube, Towels, He’s & Her’s Toiletries, deodorant, shower gel, hair products etc. (some like to bring their own, and we’re fine with that too!)           

 Really, we should not even have to go here... ( We take it for granted- AND, we cover it in our new member "INDUCTION" ), BUT.. Pay attention to you appearance, clothes clean and appropriate see [DRESS] above. ALL - Arrive thoroughly washed and groomed / shaved. And -  It's advisable to bring a small "over-night" bag of toiletry's for use in the changing area - ONLY - BUT - make sure to keep / pack "toiletry's"  ON -TOP of your storage box at reception. We do provide BASIC toiletry's  also. Condoms, lube, towels, shower gels, anti bacteria spray, deodorant,  mouthwash, are all provide, and it's expected that you use them, or your own if you choose. 

Always wash thoroughly after being with a partner. Gents, finger and toe nails should be cut very short, and filed / manicured. Be conscious of fresh breath too! Always shower - before - and - after - the sauna. Keep play areas CLEAN - as you would like to find them! REPORT any HYGIENE – RELATED  issues to management immediately on-site, in total confidence. 

DON’T WAIT till the party is over to do this !!!!  We are very experienced in handling such situations, very sensitively.    
Why not see our GUEST BOOK page, and SWINGERS PARTY BLOG on the www.i-kandi website? Forget the CRAP on the internet, written by armchair experts, that don’t even run a Club for peat’s sake..!!  


i-kandi IS - A - Licensed Wine Bar - We do not sell Beer, Cider, or Spirits, however we off some very good quality non-alcoholic beers too!
Drink prices are very reasonable by normal club standards.  
NOTE - We provide, plastic glasses for use around the Club H&S reasons, and because of this, you can enjoy a drink ANYWHERE in the Club, even the Sauna! 
The good.. the bad.. and the ugly !

THE SCIENCE BIT !!  "Because, IT''S  <"IRELAND">.. we have to say it..." NOTE - Our swingers club is NOT a "Drink Centred" activity / evening.  People have a few drinks, a small glass of wine, maybe one an hour, that's generally it, over what is usually a 4-5 hour period. New people, are actually quite surprised always by how little alcohol is actually consumed! It's not that we all took the catholic pledge or anything.. but "smart" people know... intelligent conversation, and good, considerate, decision making! DON'T GO "hand in hand" with excessive alcohol, so to speak! You'r more likely to end up a limp squid.. and a disappointment to others…, if you consume too much alcohol, not to mention the embarrassment of it all..!!! (you may never recover!! ) 
If you are the kind that; NEEDS a LOT of drink to <FUNCTION>, honestly, our Club is definitely no place for you. There are plenty of crap, regular, vanilla Night Clubs, serving industrial grade larger, that cater for you locally! 

We’re by no means anti drink at all,(We're more about "Quality"... over quantity, in every respect...)

 All we ask is:- Don’t make a pillock out of yourself! 

THAT SAID - THANKFULLY - we have NEVER had any problems WHATSOEVER! at i-kandi So don't be the “Very First.. Eejit” to be BLACKLISTED - O.K” as news travels FAST on-line these days!    

Far Too-Tipsy and “LOUD” / disruptive, and your likely to be ejected faster than a rifle bullet.. NO REFUND - HERE - EITHER, be warned !!  

DO NOT - DRINK AND DRIVE.. Have a great night, make advance arrangements, No excuses!  Our trusted taxi drivers KNOW our business, and VALUE yours, and provide a "shut up..and drive" service, to all our clients. 

The IRISH Factor !!
Look, fact is, few Irish people will have experienced a REAL “Club” abroad. Sure some may have attended “private parties”, "M&G's" etc,  IT’S NOT – THE SAME – OK It’s 1000 times BETTER. This is the REASON we are providing you with GOOD INFORMATION, HERE so you KNOW what to expect AND what IS – EXPECTED of you!! At i-kandi we have VERY FEW RULES !! Actually we hate rules!, so we keep them to the absolute minimum. What you read ABOVE – AND HERE – is BOG - STANDARD – OPERATING – PROCEDURE – for most “Swingers Clubs” across Europe


(Forget that crap on other websites  that don't even operate a Club!!!!) 

New Couples - 
Firstly – If its “ALL NEW” and you are a couple, discuss your own boundaries, as a couple BEFORE you visit. Have a frank discussion, decide things together, be honest, you’ll both enjoy it better..!!  Decide, in advance what you are BOTH ok with. Watch how regulars behave, take it “very slow” as a couple, and stay – as a couple (in the same general area)  engage in constant communication with each other, both verbal, and body language. Do stuff TOGETHER always. Watching is fun too! Don’t under estimate it….! You might even learn something!

RULE # 1 – IS – “ NO MEANS NO”  
If you are told “NO” – IT MEANS JUST THAT.  

RULE # 2 – IS –  DO-NOT make, physical passes at women on their own.
Women make the rules, and only women can break the rules.  

RULE # 3  - IS - DON’T / NEVER push or pressure, anyone, or invade their personal space, (uninvited), or act "creepy!".  
Swingers are – most always, SPECIFIC and VERY DIRECT -  about what they want and what exactly they are looking for. They will TELL YOU – BUT – It’s ALWAYS – YOUR – Personal Choice, to proceed OR simply say “NO – THANKS” NO –ONE will get offended if you say NO, it’s “RESPECTED” always. In 7 years at i-kandi, and we have NEVER had a BAD CLIENT. So don’t be the FIRST Eejit– O.K… If you get persistent UNWANTED attention, let us know (staff) in total confidence – AS IT HAPPENS – DON’T WAIT till you are leaving, we are TRAINED to deal with anything like this!! Our staff are constantly around – supervising – and ENSURING you are having a GREAT TIME!  So get to know them, [chat to them] too!!  

GENTS – Be the “PERFECT GENTLEMAN” polite, mannered. TALK to people, Arrive ON TIME – Remember – “The early worm, catches the bird” in this case!!! Don’t arrive “fashionably late” It won’t be appreciated by others… You risk being left out of things! If you arrive too late. 

DON’T stand silently “OOGLEING / TOUCHING OTHERS” with you buddie in you hand!!!,  You will LOOK crazy – and you risk being EJECTED!

Be polite, chat, a simple   “Hi I’m “<YOUR NAME!>” followed by, a NICE compliment to the Ladie, and chat to HIMSELF will generally always be received well. OR a simple “MAY I” – ASK FIRST !!!  

Single LADIES, be considerate to [HER] in a couple situation, get her approval, verbal or body language  BEFORE  - making a move on him!!

IN SHORT – TALK TO – BOTH PEOPLE!! - IF CPL -   BY POLITE – AND CONSIDER OTHERS – MOVE SLOW – AS DIRECTED / and ALLOWED by others!!, RESPECT the word “NO”. Respect peoples OWN PERSONAL SPACE. ALSO - DON’T – be the Eejit that brakes up the best  “GIRL ON GIRL” session ever!! Watch and learn … Luke Skywaker!!  BE NICE – “use the force” and you will do fine. 

ALWAYS – Use Condoms – We thought of that too! 
WASH THOROUGHLY after EACH encounter (person) ALWAYS. 
ALWAYS – ASK – BOTH PEOPLE if applicable. (couple) 
NOTE - Don’t make a “move” on her/him unless the other is present!!!   

We TRY to cover EVERYTHING – BUT we can’t cover “PLAIN – STUPID” as well. 

I-kandi is a very safe, and fun, Adult Venue. It’s VERY RELAXED and totally ZERO PRESSURE. 

Meeting @ i-kandi is MUCH SAFER than meeting privately, BECAUSE it’s a SUPERVISED and CONTROLLED environment. EVERY ONE is there for the same thing. So the chances of you meeting others to share your fantasy are BLOODY GOOD indeed!!

At i-kandi you meet MANY people at once, which means you are more likely to find  someone “like minded”.  When you meet privately, it can become awkward if either person does not click.   At i-kandi there are lots of SPACES and PLACES as private OR as public / (Voyeurism) as you like. So you can simply, move to another room, and meet others!   

TIP – Stay clear of asking others VERY PERSONAL questions in conversation, keep things “very general” Don’t confuse this with questions in relation to SEX. Example – Someone might not be offended at all, if you ask them their sexual orientation – in a private / semi private setting. HOWEVER they may take offence to constant “probing” type questions in relation to their back round and EXACT LOCATION / ADDRESS details.  Example – “So where are ye guys from?”  Answer, “Cork” DON’T “investigate” further, proceed to next question!! Whether !! whatever!!!   

It’s NOT all about sex either, you will probably meet / make, life long friends in the process too! No One takes things serious either, Swinging is “consensual recreation sex” most swingers equate such activity, (swinging)  along the same lines as “going to the Gym for a workout”!!!!  (different mussels mind you!!!) It’s all very casual, NOT personal at all. Think of it as a form of “YOGA with benefits!!!! “  Yummy!!!       

What’s the typical profile of our customers at i-kandi ?
There generally 30 years +, married, OR in very stable long term relationships, most have kids of various ages too!!!. The usual, LIFE with a mortgage, kids, annoying cat, and ugly dog! In short REGULAR  PEOPLE with husbands, wife’s, and happy lives!!!  So why swing?  Well… people get bored, not of each other, on the contrary, swingers tend to have the best sex lives, and strongest relationships – fact. But bored of  doing the SAME “Exciting Night Life” in Ireland, highlight being – let’s  face it – a drink in some pub, or a meal out. Swinging adds a new fun dimension to their lives, and keeps the “Spice” in their relationship. Swinging builds their own inner confidence, and improves their skills in the sack too! Its an opportunity for a little “Down Time” without fear of the kids running in!!! etc.  An opportunity to INDULGE in new things, and share experiences TOGETHER, as a couple…. Nothing more…. Nothing less..  

In summery – 

Your in for a GREAT TIME – BECAUSE – NOW you know - the rabbit was always in the hat, so to speak!  The “illusion” & “mystery about swinging” is now de-bunked. 

YOU SEE - We’re JUST – ALL ABOUT HAVING A GOOD TIME WITH “LIKE MINDED” ADULTS! …..In a relaxing ZERO pressure setting - that’s it!  

Don’t leave booking your room to the last minuet, they get booked out real fast!! Travel Lodge Hotel, is ONLY – a 3-4 MIN hop to I-KANDI, 


NOTE_ The FIND US page on www.i-kandi.ie shows the CHILDERS ROAD in great detail.  

If you are considering having a few drinks, consider a cab. We have trusted drivers that do all our work for us, at very keen prices indeed. They provide a “Shut Up And Drive Service” to customers, of I-KANDI Some of our drivers are actually members too! 

In many circumstances they bring / ferry,  “many together” “ MINIBUS” service, giving you even better savings, and an opportunity to meet your fellow CLUBBERS too!! 

Its all good… and, if you have ANY further question, about anything, no matter how daft you may think they are!…ASK US -  TEXT / RING US. We’re here to help anytime.    



DO – make an effort to dress real sexy!!, its not often you gat a chance like this, so GO FOR IT…!!!   Guys – that means you too!  

So GUYS – IF – The “feedback” from others is VERY GOOD – You might be rewarded with a “discounted” Annual Membership, to “i-kandi”  SCREW IT UP  though…. (bad feed back), …. and you will NEVER darken our door ever again!! We DON’T – DO “Second Chances” Be Warned!! So be  “THE PERFECT GENT” – And the gods… WILL .. thank you for it!!    

ON SITE - ADULT STORE!  Basically ANYTHING you can buy in your local SEX SHOP you can buy at I-KANDI on the night. We have a PLUG for every socket!! 

I-kandi Admin
e-mail admin@i-kandi.ie 
T – 086 339 6630

That's our FULL "Business Address" and contact details at the bottom of THIS PAGE!! so you can SHOP / BOOK with complete peace of mind, and confidence, (unlike other websites!!!) We've been around for the last 7 YEARS - Ireland's ONLY - "Swingers Club Venue", and we ain't going anywhere either!!     

Tips ! Save money, pre-book on-line in advance  It's so easy!! Bring your good looking friends along too!!!

Dress ?  Unless specified in the 'EVENT AD" itself-  GENTS: "Smart Casual" is fine. ( That's NO trainers, NO- GAA / Rugby / Sports Hoodies, etc ) Guys No Effort = No Entry!  Example / Guide:  Dark jeans, nice shoes!, a crisp shirt or tee, and tailored / neat, knit / jacket,  -  perfect!  Ladies, we know you'r not going to leave the side down in this department, so whatever you are comfortable in! Anything really goes... and usually does too!!.. literally...believe us!! READ: "licence to go bananas - dress wise!!"  Any Sexy attire, leather, Rubber, latex, / Lingerie, Burlesque, a string and a coat!, all in a days work!! and quite acceptable too!!!  Fashion tip - Less is now, the new more!

 Very Important !! DO -Double CHECK the START TIME and format, of your chosen party and PLEASE be punctual / and On Time, always. Its very Irish, but.. NOT very "kool"... to keep others waiting !! Understand - many guests may be foreigners, so be .. "ICE-COLD" - aka - polite, on time, make the effort to CHAT, and interact... and the gods WILL reward you for it.! Remember - there is a huge social side to swinging too! A well placed compliment, and then simply introduce yourself! and you won't go too far wrong! Enjoy flirting, and most of all ... have fun !!  PLAY-SAFE - We thought of that too... so NO EXCUSES!!     For YOUR - PROTECTION - NO - Personal Belongings - are allowed past our reception area. You will be issued with a box on entry for your belongings, the following are NOT permitted ANYWHERE -in the club - and MUST be stored at reception. NO - Cameras, Mobile Phones, Over Coats, ANY kind of BAGS, Over Clothes, Loose/Baggy Clothing of any kind. No BIG Jewelry of any kind. You will NOT have access to these items until you leave.     PLEASE - bring, and wear, the minimum..!!!   

Getting there ?
Private TAXI Shuttle transfer from Limerick town centre For details Click TAXI     



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Dorothy Keane on 05 March 2016 13:34
Hi was wandering when next swingers night is on New to the scene my hubby and I wanna spice up our sex life I'm 45 he is 41 what do we need to join
Reply to comment
I-kandi Admin on 06 March 2016 14:04
Point and click the "Book Events and Parties" page, above. - Simple.!! Every week, twice a week, every WED & SAT!! It's click and GO!!! could it be easier! The website blog is loated with useful tips and advise for new players too!!

Raju on 20 March 2016 21:26
Im single in limerick.. Can i join the club and what will be the cost for joining the club..
Reply to comment
I-Kandi Admin on 20 March 2016 22:22
Hi Raju, It's a simple process, follow the application process. Send in a completed application form, and Photo as required, and you might be presently surprised!!

Sandris on 26 May 2016 17:52
I'm want got night with the girls.
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Bojan on 01 June 2016 11:40
Hi, thought I read somewhere that you have to show poof of address? Am I mistaken? As a person who lives at home with the folks still, I think this would be a deal breaker for me. Thanks.
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http://www.aussiessay.net/ on 09 June 2017 15:43
Online shopping sure is earning quite good profit in the present era. There are also some policies attached with these shopping. Moreover it will be a good thing to invest your money in something that is real good and useful for you in the present as well as in future. As the pay back is also one of those offers.
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