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"Irish Swingers" Websites, SCAMS Explained

"Irish Swingers" Websites, SCAMS explained  |

Foggy mists, and pure and utter.... "Blarney".. aka Irish for: (bull****) 

Fact is, I-KANDI is;  "The ONLY  "Swingers Party,  Night Club Venue" on the island of  Ireland at present , with an actual, VISIBLE, "Fully Advertised PREMISES and VENUE", that you can actually FIND, VISIT, and JOIN for REAL !!     THERE IS - NO OTHER -  in the Country -  FACT.  

WARNING!  Don't be conned!  As of MARCH 2017, ALL websites listed under; "Irish Swingers Clubs" on Google are in fact just; "ADULT CONTACT SITES" with an on-line presence ONLY!. As for Bing,  pure rubbish.  THEY ARE NOT - "ACTUAL  SWINGERS CLUBS",  with a registered business premises and venue, you can actually SEE, FIND, and VISIT!  

So, if you want to browse tons of FAKE profiles generated by webmasters, and web cams of their employees, or engage in endless chat with single men, pretending to be swinging couples!, then these sites are ideal. However, they are definitely: NOT "Irish swingers clubs" and you will be hard pressed to find, chat to, or meet in person, a single, genuine, swinging couple, in any case.   

Don't be CONNED into paying top money, to go to a regular "Disco" in some Hotel!  


WARNING!! -  WATCH OUT for the following, on other  so-called
"Irish swingers club" websites"!!!  

Night Club Takeover"
DEFINITION-  Dreamer, (usually single gent) with some local GAA/ Rugby, club hop, concessions to off-load!! 

 "Secret Venue", 
 DEFINITION - "Some eegit's bedsit, usually a single gent!"

 "Private Party",
DEFINITION - "Actually NO Party! Any chance of a shag? single gent!"

 "On Tour",  DEFINITION - "Board unattractive travelling salesman, seeks other, interested?" 

"An executive suite In a top Dublin Hotel / luxury penthouse etc"
DEFINITION - "See, "On Tour", above, but I'm not staying in a B&B honest!!"

Fab swingers better known as flab mingers the website for time wasters and idiots. The venue fabswingers fab ireland, Sex Club"fab swingers"  aka; "Allergic to showers!" / flabmingers FAB? Anything but.. Here, a hand full of self promoting, closeted, unemployed Idiots & "time-waster cyber warriors" supplemented with a "Chat bot", called; "last comment one minuet ago", resurrect boring ancient forum posts, on the same boring topics, over and over again, and peddle, no-show- "coffee meets.. and a few, very very dull discos, occasionally in the Killmury Hotel, Limerick, or The Loft, Gay Sauna, in Cork!  As for the place in  [Blanchard's Town], (not worth a mention), you'll need to bring your own Baby Wipes! Oh No - The B.O! it's "Fab" all right..  Don't say we did not warn you! ( Supply of; Fabbreeze Air Freshener is a must!) It's a 'Very Big Secret" apparently....  Remember, at  flab mingers parties, anonymous amateurs are in charge always, nobody is taking responsibility, and things can and do, go horribly wrong! [ Click - When it all goes Pete Tong ] Never trust amateurs. Summery - Somewhat relevant once upon a time, long long ago, in dear old Ireland, flabswingers.com is now obsolete, and a total waste of your valuable time. Unless  of  course; beer, low I.Q, B.O, lazy, and cheap is your thing!  Really.. You can, and must! do better!  

 "The limited time - free membership - offer" Ah yes, for a limited time they are offering YOU a free membership... right.  NO - REAL - SWINGERS CLUB is going to give a single guy, free membership! READ AS -  We are hoping to scam some of your personal information for future sales initiatives.  Noting is really for free, you get exactly, what you pay for, so why waste your time browsing crap FAKE profiles?      

 "Killing Kittens"
Another U.K bullshit website. Packaged more "up-market" than fab/flab, "cat shit" or "bull shit", it's all shit... Websites of hot air only, without substance, fake profiles, NO actual advertised venue, run by time wasters, and charging you a fortune for "fantasy rubbish". You should instantly recognise the now familiar SCAM trademarks;
No telephone Number!, zero actual details!, it's being held in some "stately mansion" (their retired parents house!!) all hidden, and a big secret, bla, bla, bla. Don't be a sucker... Save you cash!         

They offer: free "Advice on attending a swingers club / swinging etc" 
How can the offer YOU "advice"?  They-  Don't - Even - Operate - A - Swingers - Club..!!  Besides,  It's not exactly the 3rd secret of Fatima! is it?. They're simply taking you for a fool!. Forget their daft articles! just ask us HERE! at I-KANDI

 "loads of unnecessary, hard core porn images on their home page",
A desperate attempt to make their website look sexy, interesting, and somewhat relevant! At i-kandi we do not, NEED to use porn, in such a way. We believe our own REAL Swingers Club is sexy enough without it!!       

"Lack of DETAIL about their parties! - Its ALWAYS a "BIG SECRET"  
Everything is "underground" and "covert" for privacy and discretion, bla bla bla!!, because the real truth is - there is no party, or Club, and NEVER was! Welcome to the scam!    

 "They are mocking YOUR Intelligence..."    SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!    
i-kandi  -  is  -  Ireland's ONLY- REAL Swingers Club Venue

The illusion you see, is all run by dodgy amateurs, most of their so-called listed swingers, are fake profiles, generated by the site owners, with the sole purpose of coning YOU out of your hard earned cash!  And it get worse, once they get your credit card details, they keep them on file, and engage in a LEGAL practice called "re-occurring billing", repeatedly and automatically charging your credit card for membership of their site again and again, once your "trial / free membership" is up!! it's all in the small print, the size zero font that you failed to notice, when you signed up!. Of course its impossible to then contact them again to stop the transaction because they have no transparent contact details have they? 

i-kandi is different,
We're clearly advertised, including the location of our Club AND the location of our Swingers Parties, creating trust with our customers on-line, and trust with our brand. We endeavour to explain everything to you on enrollment too! We're always available  on the phone to answer any questions you may have. Of course, your personal privacy and discretion is totally assured too! Why not experience our famous easy going, zero pressure, spa like atmosphere for yourself! So if you are looking for the best Irish Swingers Parties on the web, indeed the ONLY! look no further than i-kandi. We are FOR REAL, based in Limerick, Ireland and we've been open for business since 2009! Deal with it....      


2 Comments to "Irish Swingers" Websites, SCAMS Explained :

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True Propaganda on 16 May 2016 11:12
" Irish Swingers Websites " my arse! they advertise either:- weekley parties, the most fun, offering to find swingers all over ireland, the best resource, but it's all bullshit. Almost as much bullshit as the occasional, Irish Indapendant's poorly researched articles on the Swinging Scene here in Ireland. All fantasy rubbish, designed in vain to evoke some sort of "shock" response from "Bull Island's" public. God, so 1900's!
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Patrick Mcguirk on 13 May 2017 16:29
I was thinking of going tonight . I don't no if I can go maybe you could e mail me back
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