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Frequently Asked Questions
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I-KANDI, Whats it like?
This is probable the most common question we get asked, so here's an idea...     

Basically our Night Club is not like other normal "Cookie Cutter" Clubs you may have visited. 

Firstly, we're actually a proper Members Only Club, with a joining process. We are not open to the general public, we cater only for our members. So, it is not possible to just "walk In" to our Club, regardless of who you are. 
-The Club is very secure, because we know personally,( tractability) all our members. (home address, contact numbers, picture, and previous visit history)
-Our Car Park, and admissions area are covered by C.C.T.V. 
-New members, are subject to extra scrutiny, (we interview all men for  suitability), We also conduct a, "One to One" 1.5 hour on-site induction training  with all men to ensure they understand the principles of our Club. Men are not  allowed  make overt passes  towards women, or invade there personal space, unless  specifically invited to do so verbally by a women. We cover Club rules on grooming, social  behavior, acceptable drinking etc, with all new male members.  
-We have all the facilities you would expect from a normal Night Club and a lot  more too.
-A truly unique Club atmosphere, and the best Club Music anywhere.!! 
-Enjoy reasonably priced, quality Wines and Champagnes in our licensed Wine Bar! 
-The Club is a totally secure and safe "Fantasy Space".  So women wear whatever  they are comfortable in, where ever they want!
-Acceptable dress; Nudity and Lingerie, is very common in all areas of the Club for  women, but not at all compulsory, (It's whatever YOU are comfortable with).
 Literally any outfit / clothes from PVC / Latex / Leather, or any club wear is  acceptable for women. 
-We do demand that men dress "Smartly, " Neat / Tidy, groomed etc
-We supply Toiletry's / Towels & Hygiene / Body Products.   
-Wet areas, Sauna & Showers are communal / Male /Female shared. 
-Access in and out of the Club is controlled by staff. 
-All areas are directly supervised by our staff, including Play Areas

-Our Club attracts, mainly a 30+ crowd, although some are younger. We get M/F  Couples, Ladies and gents. We generally "Balance" M/F male/female numbers    50:50 as well via advance booking.
-Our members attractive, eclectic, confident, and accomplished individuals, and  more often, they have already, visited Clubs and resorts abroad, or, have some  previous experience /  interest in the scene.
-They are "open- minded" well educated, life-experienced, and come from all types  of back rounds, and industry's. Some (men and women) identify as Straight, Quirky  (situation dependent), Bi-Sexual, Gay, Tri- Sexual! or plain Curious. Interestingly,  most women tend to identify as "Bi" !!!. (no-one complains!) Some are Voyeurs,  some are  Exhibitionists, and most simply could not care less... But they have all 
 one thing in common, they are all 'respectful',  easy-going, non-pushy and  courteous.
In short, our we feel our Club is a very safe, enjoyable environment for women and men!. A lot more safer then your average regular "Vanilla - Cookie Cutter, drink focused, so-called Night Clubs", you may have already visited. 

I-KANDI Plus - for women!
Taking care of our own!;- Our customer care starts with your journey to us! We offer a FREE RETURN TAXI to I-KANDI from any Limerick, town centre, location, with one of our registered and trusted, taxi drivers, for ALL WOMEN CUSTOMERS, traveling to I-KANDI on their own.  

We totally understand, some may have reservations about giving us address and identification information etc. But we want to assure you that you have nothing to fear in any case, your information is totally secure. We ask for Photo I.D, for security reasons only, in order to ensure the safety of all our women members. 

We have many single women, that confidently enjoy our Club, every week, knowing that we take their safety, security, and warfare, very seriously. 
Membership of our Club I-Kandi is FREE to women too! 

I-KANDI The best Club in Ireland.. bar none!

Still wondering.. ?
Just click [ ADD ] below, and we will answer your question in the forum below! 


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Sinead on 16 August 2014 06:24
Hi just wanted some info on saturday night the 23rd august ? You said its a good night for newbies and also regulars, we are just wondering would it definately be good for us to go as newbies on that night or what night would be the best? also what is on afterwards ? thanks
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I-Kandi Admin on 19 August 2014 22:06
Yes its DEFO for you! to BOOK just text us on 086 339 6630 SIMPLE

Sab***** on 24 August 2014 19:24
GENERAL Hi there, me and my boyfriend would like to join u on a swingerclub night. we have never been in ur club before so we have a few questions if we may: is there a swinger party every saturday nite? can we just join u or do we have to become members first? shud we book in advance? thanks and kind regards, Sab*****
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Symore Butts on 24 August 2014 19:24
YES - There is a party EVERY SATURDAY, some are bigger than others, and may have a different "theme" For a FULL LISTING of what's on, click the "Swingers Party BOOK" page ABOVE - Simple! Best is to pre-join on line, this is VERY SIMPLE if you are a M/F Couple, just click the "JOIN" page its FREE to Join if you are a M/F couple too! Basically it's just a matter of filling out a simple form, and e-mailing us a photo of yourselves. Alternatively, you could arrange to have this done on site, BEFORE the party. In short JUST TEXT US and we will guide you trough the BOOKING procedure, AND arrange to meet you BEFORE your chosen party, in order to complete the joining process.

Hi on 04 September 2014 13:32
Just wondering how can a single guy can book for a party thanks in advance.
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Symore Butts, (I-KANDI Admin) on 04 September 2014 13:41
In short, single guys need to be "current verified members of I-KANDI" in order to attend our parties. There is no.. "Walk In" option. All prospective members need to apply on-line, fill out the application form on-line, & submit a close-up photograph. If your good looking.. We invite you to join as a member.. SIMPLE. We give priority to customers of (established websites) swing4ireland, swingernation, and SDC, fabswingers. See the "Swingers Club JOIN" page for more information.

Paul on 10 September 2014 11:23
Hey Paul here I'm 32 I'm very interested in attending a swinging party but can't find a lady to join me is their any possible way I could attend without a partner just to watch know that sounds weird sorry
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Poster 098 on 25 October 2014 03:02
Can u get good sex at ure club?
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I-KANDI ADMIN on 25 October 2014 03:16
Poster 098, you can get sex ANYWHERE!! Even at the office!! A quicky in the cloak room perhaps? We are essentially like a regular night club, but with a more liberal "european" attitude. If it dosent happen my friend at I-K it's happening no-where!! Trust us! And your destined to die a Saint, bless you! That said, plenty of ecclestic saints, get there hole at I-K too! But hay... it's 2014 live and let live! Ups the bishop will be pissed for saying that..! Sorry Bren!

ger on 30 December 2014 14:03
Hey just wondering if there where any partys around Galway?
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Quicksilver on 30 December 2014 22:56
There's nothing in Galway man! There's a girl that goes by filthy or something that advertises so-called swingers parties and charges a fortune for the privilege, but all you get is a Hotel disco, that you could have went to regardless, at a fraction of the price, in short a scam. I-kandi is defo worth a visit, if your into the lifestyle. You could try joining, it easy if you don't bull shit, and give the information asked for on enrolment / joining.

Mark O'Reilly on 11 January 2015 04:47
My partner is 40 and I'm 45. She is very attractive but has ** REMOVED **
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Symore Butts on 14 January 2015 02:12
Hi, I removed your post for YOUR OWN privacy. Having read your story, all I can say is everybody experiences problems in their relationship EVERYONE. You keep communicating, and work at things. Swinging will not fix your relationship, only YOU can do that. I think ye both need to be more accepting of each other, and open to change, whatever that may be. I wise person once said to me... "those that survive... are most adaptable to change..." When you think about it, it's been the case since life began on earth. You "evolve" as you move through life, your whole value system matures with age. Slow down... smell the roses, and live in the NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. I'll now stop, because i'm no expert, and not qualified to advise you accordingly. But I think you should consider talking to a professional AND each other.

latexcouple on 15 January 2015 23:05
Hi Ever thought of doing a BDSM/fetish night? There really isnt much outside "Dooblin" and thats just Nimeneach or some private parties that are impossible to get into unless you are in the "right" circles.Plus its a awful distance to drive in a gimp suit LOL.Limerick has always been a trend setter and this would be possibly another feather to I kandys cap??How about it?
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Symore Butts on 16 January 2015 14:53
In short, we would love to host such a night! we have tried in the past with limited success. Usually the calls come in "what do I wear?" etc. Us Irish are so sheltered, most guys think "BDSM" is the 4-Door Saloon Car their mate Fenton who works for KPMG, dives in D4!!!! not to mention "fetish" ... Jesus ..honestly... we're talking BOG here! But Hay keep an eye on the website for March, I'll DO A NIGHT! for ya Mid March, so let your mates in Nimeneach Know!!

sam on 04 March 2015 14:39
I'm just wondering what the rules are on looks etc?? Thanks
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Symore Butts I-KANDI Admin on 05 March 2015 13:29
The joining process itself is straight forward as per the website. To answer your question, we select people on a range of factors not just looks. Yes looks are very important obviously, but sometimes its the "simple things", guys in particular screw up. Example, if you actually read the website, it says we don't allow tracksuits or trainers at our Club. Guys ring up, saying they have read all the information, and want to join. We say fine, and arrange to meet them on site before the Party. They then arrive in what??? .. You guessed it.... Nack Suit!! "Membership is full! Sorry"'!! Clearly they have not read the website, so they are un-likely to respect rules, or procedures, or the word "NO". If you are confident, articulate, "decent", neat and tidy, and function well, socially, and it's clear you have read our website fully, your IN, in most cases. Sometimes, people are just not suitable, at the time, for a variety of reasons, example; they are just out of a relationship 24 hours!!!

angle on 02 April 2015 23:06
So 32 single female interested in exploring, but new,very new to all this !!! A bit shy, do other females come on their own??
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Symore Butts I-Kandi Admin on 03 April 2015 01:29
In short, YES, all the time! We get many girls on that visit on their own. I-KANDI is a very easy, relaxing, and safe place for women to visit on their own. I could put you in touch with many women, that routinely visit our club on their own, should you wish to chat to some of them! We employ the same registered and trusted Taxi Drivers to transport you from your chosen pick-up point to I-KANDI too!, just ask us on booking by text. All the drivers carry I.D, and are known to us, by name, some are even members as well! Their is plenty to see and do at I-KANDI too! and there is always people about, more than eager to chat, believe me! All our members are decent, non pushy, polite, sociable, and fun people, so it's a very easy going atmosphere always. We generally get many different nationalities visiting each week, so the conversation is always interesting and fun too!

tom on 28 April 2015 12:01
hiya my fiancee and i would like to visit your club on saturday week the 9th of may 2015. i believe we are a good looking couple. is it possible to register on the night and if so what do we need to bring with us. thanks again T&J;
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Symore Butts on 29 April 2015 10:31
In short YES, but we strongly recommend arriving early, 9.45pm. (Normally doors open at 10pm.) We like to spend time with new people, show them around etc, and explain where everything is, and how it all works! That way you are comfortable and confident in your surroundings, when the others start arriving from 10pm one-wards. It's a formula that has served us well the last 6/7 years. You will need to bring "Photo I.D" for each person, on your first visit too, for security reasons. To arrange a visit / attend any night, simply TEXT ME on 086 339 6630, with your Name's and the date you wish to attend. Its VERY RELAXED and UBER CHILLED, totally enjoyable, and a zero pressure, fun night!

Charlie on 29 April 2015 10:14
Congratulations, and every good wish for your efforts to promote the healthy alternative lifestyle ethic. I would be going down to your place to suss it out if I thought you pay special attention to over 50's nights for heterosexual men and women. Is that an unreasonable request? Charlieo
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Symore Butts on 29 April 2015 10:18
Hi Charlie, Basically, we get "heterosexual men and women" every week! However, many people are a lot younger, and many are "Bi" and "Tri" or just plain curious! The vast majority of women, also tend to be bi, or bi curious! for your information, that said... nobody minds!!!!! So it's very fast "High Definition" If your still thinking in "black and white" terms, it's probably not for you! In short, attendees, tend to be: home owners, business owners & professionals. Married with 2.5 kids, a cat and and ugly dog. So they have noting to prove to anyone, (labels wise). They work hard, and party harder, and basically don't care what anyone else thinks. Their "open-minded" adventurous, good looking, confident and sexy, and know what they like and want.In order to attend, you would need to fit-in with this group. As you at the inquire stage, you would need to e-mail us, a full length, close up photo, for approval, which would form a major part of your application. Kindest regards, Symore

Ropau on 29 June 2015 10:19
Hi Guys How are the Wednesday night parties going? Are there good numbers? We are struggling to get up to you on a Sat night therefore the Wed night is looking better for us.
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Symore Butts on 19 July 2015 09:24
The Wednesday sessions are quiter no doubt, mainly because they are so new and we hav'nt really advertised them properly yet, to be honest. But, that said they can be some of the best nights too! It's different now, because of the Wine Bar, more people are dropping by, and hanging around a lot longer too, so its all good!
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Seniorita on 26 July 2015 13:45
HI there! Dublin female here. Very curious, excited and interested to go to my first party! I have a male friend and we wanted to go together as a couple, he has more experience with the parties and has been to a few. What is the membership process for us ? Also are you based in Limerick ? Or have you party venues in Dublin as well. Apologies if im questions are obvious and listed on the website. Thanks
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I-kandi Admin on 28 July 2015 10:19
Hi Seniorita, Basically, yes everything is on the website! Joining: fill out the form, and e-mail us a photo, usually we're back to you within two days. Membership is free too! Yes- we're based in Limerick! All the FIND US information, maps, directions etc, is all on the website! There is no actual proper club in Dublin just so ya know!
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tanya on 17 September 2015 01:37
i,m a cdtv would i be allowed to attend i kandi dressed as tanya
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Symire Butts on 20 September 2015 04:16
Hay, keep an eye on the Gay Pages, we advertise regular "Dress Up" night their, where T.V'S and C.D's take "Centre Stage"!! These gigs are usually the last FRIDAY of every month! Just so ya know!

krissi on 19 September 2015 14:06
Hi ! i,m a transvestite looking for somewhere safe to chill would i be permitted to visit ikandi ? thank you krissi
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Symore Butts on 20 September 2015 04:18
the Gay Pages, we advertise regular "Dress Up" night their, where T.V'S and C.D's take "Centre Stage"!! These gigs are usually the last FRIDAY of every month! Just so ya know!

Pat on 09 February 2016 11:27
Hi, myself and my wife were thinking about going for a look. We've no experience and my wife is afraid she'll be pressured into something she doesn't want. How many guests would you expect on an average Saturday and is it ok to have a look around and leave if we feel it's not for us?
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Symore Butts on 09 February 2016 17:50
Usually, we gag and tie up all new people, then Zep gets the Gimp out from the basement, its ok, its a good harness and a short lead.!!! Serious - its the safest and most friendly place you will ever visit, zero pressure, and easy going, go for it! You'll be back.

Pat on 10 February 2016 10:50
Thanks for the reply. I know you can't say for certain but on a typical Saturday night, how many people would be there - are you talking 10-20 or 50 ish or over 100??

Symore Butts on 16 February 2016 16:27
Honestly, any thing from 3 to 140 depending on the night, and what's on / advertised!

Jsk on 31 March 2016 22:59
Hi, Visitng Limerick for a week and qould be able to attend Wednesday night.what do I need to do to get in the club? I am single,not a member, what price am I looking for please?
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Symore Butts on 01 April 2016 00:28
Hi Jsk, best is to TEXT, direct 00353 86 339 6630 Give us some information, example, Nationality, Age, Date you had in mind etc. Ill then get back to you ASAP

Jonny on 10 April 2016 05:19
We're first timers and just have a few questions before booking! Is it possible to bring our own sex toys? Also what do men typically wear once in the club and play rooms, ie. shorts/ boxers and what footwear is worn indoors, if any?? Thanks, Jonny
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Aud on 12 July 2016 19:07
Hey we are a married couple with a 15 year age gap and looking to explore a little bit more my only concern is privacy if i met someone in there i knew is there a privacy agreement for out side of the club
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cailin on 19 March 2017 22:26
I am a 54 year old single woman. I have visited swingers clubs in the UK, but not in Ireland. I was considering giving your club a go, but got a bit concerned when I read in the forum that your clubgoers are "attractive, fit, and affluent". Many consider me attractive, but I'm a big girl, fit enough for fun, but certainly not "fit" and affluent I am not. I wouldn't want to feel out of place with a bunch of 30 year old fitness buffs giving me dirty looks. The UK clubs have been very inviting, and lots of fun, with every kind of person.
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Admin on 21 March 2017 23:56
Hi Cailin, I won't lie to you, and I'll be straight up with you! They actually are generally;- "attractive, fit, and affluent", that does not mean they are assholes! On the contrary, they are understated, charming, and funny. Honestly, I don't think you will be disappointed. I'd wager, you will find us even more welcoming here, than the U.K. Us Irish, WANT to have fun, God damme we need to!!! Drop by, and give us a try girl!!

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