kandi - The Night Club & Venue for grown ups!

The Night Club just for grown ups!

"Quirky", "Edgy", "Raw", "Exciting",
"Late Night", and very exclusive!
Limerick's only; REAL "Night Club"
where;  Every Member is a "VIP"
 " Out of the limelight.. and out of the ordinary.... 
 I-Kandi is now, what all Clubs will be like.. in 20 years time!! " 

Eastway Business Park, Ballysimon, Limerick
Banish Boring! @ www.i-kandi.ie  

What's ON this week?

Latest News !!.....

We're gonna be making radical changes to our website real soon, that will have the others shaking in their boots!  Imagine a website where every member is guaranteed by us and others, to be a real person active in the lifestyle!!! All personally validated on-site at an I-KANDI party! 

-Member Log In Area (Guaranteed ZERO;- bullshit fake profiles, REAL every time!)
-A site geared towards Couples and Females only.
-The ONLY "member validation system", that simply can't be FAKED!  
-Internal messages 
-Forum (with REAL people!!) 
-Chat Room (No Chat Robot!!)
-Member Pictures (Member viewable only)
-Time Line & Current Status & news feeds.
-Formatted Mobile APP -  Android & I Phone!!
-List your interests, and find that perfect match!! 
-A "Closed Genuine Community" NO Flab " Coffee Social " Fakers!!  
-If there validated at I-KANDI, you know the're for REAL - Period. 
You'll never need to browse a crap fake profile ever again. Frankly our new website, coming soon, will change everything! Our new website will have the highest Female to Male ratio, on the web!!!! We will be closing our membership for single males real soon, in line with this policy, so if your an existing gent member, lucky you! 

So gents, if you have been tinkering with the idea of joining I-KANDI, NOW is definitely the time to [ JOIN NOW !! ] ( subject to approval / acceptance ) before the new website is launched!

Once our new Website is launched, we will only accept new single males, when one existing single male member, retires or moves on.        

It's all coming soon.....   


It's gonna light up 
your entire world!